Archive - projects from a year ago and back a year again... Each has a comment added after the event ... (new projects being updated  - it'll be back soon!)

July /August - 08 : 3 week summer school hosted at TCD for New York University, Steinhardt School Masters programme in educational theatre. - I'll be devising a short piece with half the group, Declan Gormon , from Upstate Theatre, will be creating a companion piece with the others. 
They also get to visit Belfast (incl Educational Shakespeare Company's film work with prisoners in Maghaberry prison), making a number of stops on the way:
Drogheda - home of Upstate Theatre Co
Dundalk  - home of the new Cross-border arts centre at Dundalk Institute of Technology, running a new course in Arts and Conflict 
Carlingford  - where I'll make a 1-minute film with them, as I did with a cross-border Co-operation Ireland Porject and the local youth group there
(another intense but successful experience with the NYU students. So much to pack into 3 weeks - but they work hard and produced some strong work. Lovely to be in Carlingford again - I used to live there!)

July 7th - 12th - SMARTlab PHD seminar in London

July 2008 - hosting an environmental theatre workshop (places available!!) led by Roy Hart Voice Theatre member/teacher Kozanna Lucca and her sister, anthropologist Elena Lucca. 
We shall work from Joan Davis' beautiful arts retreat up Bray Head in Co Wicklow and spend each day creating from a different impulse - Air, woods, earth and water. The water day will be on the beach outside my house on the seafront in Bray.  (what a life-changing experience our visit to the forest on Bray Head was. Yes .. there's a tiny bit of a forest on Bray Head! Walking in and standing still to watch and listen ... and realising that "the Forest" had flown and run and sidled away as soon as we stomped in. How do I know? because after a while it flew and sidled back again! and I'd been thinking - how wonderful to notice a blade of grass fluttering in a breeze  ... in the empty glade ... now full of detail and miniture life amongst its grandure. Then a little bird flew onto a branch near me - then another, and another ... and they dropped down to the ground - into what I now realized was a puddle of water amongst the undergrowth ... It was literally their bird bath... and I've thought about that a lot since then ... how we stomp into a situation or an idea and think we're observing it ... but actually it saw/heard us coming and ran away ... but if we stay there and are unobtrusive enough it just might come back ... hmmm)

June  2008 - IETM satellite meeting in Dublin - on theme of Interculturalism - hosted by Catherine Boothman of the Irish Arts Council, Project Art Centre and CREATE. I'll be moderaing the feedback session on the Friday afternoon.

June 2008 - Stamsund International Theatre Festival - a wonderful festival north of theArctic Circle - packed with shows and hospitality - I've taken different artists there each year for the past 4 or 5 festivals and this time I go with Prey Trio - wonderful musicians who wil perform in a theatre on Weds 4th and create a site-specific piece for the steam ferry arriving and departing on thursday 5th - their work is called Metamorphoses - based on Bemjamin Britten's music - which they play, adapt and develop, also incorporating text from Ovid's tales and then creating something in each place they visit that for a moment metamorphosises (?is that a word??) the place itself .. great and artistic fun (What a wonderful time with Prey and all the gang in Stamsund ... including an improvised collaboration with Norway's champion rapper to greet the Hurtigruten ferry - there were a lot of surprised passengers disembarking! )

May 2008 - Spring Symposium in Arrezzo, Tuscany, Itlay - at the Accademia Commedia del Arte - led a workshop for senior faculty from some American Colleges whose students attend the Accademia for study abroad programmes. It's a wonderful place and our own Kevin Crawford (ex-TCD actor-training programme) is director of programmes there, bringing his own Roy Hart voice work to bear on the courses offeed. You should check them out - they are about to offer an MFA in Physical Theatre with a semester spent in Brussels at a circus school, another in Berlin and the rest in gorgeous Arrezzo. They speciaise in msk work and Commedia ... and I learnt something of the Tarantella while I was there this time!

May - IETM meeting in LjubLjana - great meeting - great city - great chance to see some theatre and dance there... and visit the extensive riverside outdoor market!

May - final visit of Grundvig (EU name) project partners -in Ireland .. hosted by project leader Smashing Times Theatre Co - partners from Poland, Greece, Spain, Finland and Norway ... I led a workshop with them in Trinity College, they visited the Scince Gallery, Spirasi and the Lambert Puppet Theatre (all relevant to their own projects!) - did the tourist thing to Glendalough and came to my house for tea by the sea .. hope to see them all again in the work somewhere, somehow.

Past engagements ..September  - Visit to festival in Greece as part of Smashing Times Theatre Co european project ,seeking models of best practice in drama workshops developing citizenship - (It went really well .. the hospitalitity from the Kilkis international puppet festival was wonderful. We launched a 5-country Grundvig project looking at drama as a tool for developing active citizenship, with partners from Finland, Poland, Norway, Spain and Greece. Next meeting will be in Oslo but I shall visit the language school in Helsinki while I am in that city for the IETM plenary in November)

October 5th - round table meeting organised by Irish Arts Council with representatives of the Balkan Express ... (directors, venue managers and festival directors from Balkan states) - in Dublin. ( again, a good meeting of enthusiams from around the newly acknowledged Europe .. congratulations to Catherine Boothman, the Cultural Contact Point for Ireland, for organising the meeting.)

October 7th - Introduce and chair keynote session at conference - "Interogating Antigone" - hosted by the Beckett Centre in Trinty College Dublin. Keynote speaker - Bracca Ettinger ... (what a wonderful artist and theorist ... she stands there and theorises in front of your eyes, weaving theory into an artwork that can stand alongside her exhibited works for its beauty and capacity to enthrall.. my new "must read"!)

November  - Performance of 20min piece directed with members of the Smashing Times Cross-border Certificate course in Community drama - at The Sean Hollywood Arts Centre in Newry, N.Ireland

November  - IETM Plenary in Helsinki

November  - Performance of 20 min piece devised and directed with members of Smashing Times  Cross-border Diploma course in Community drama facilitation - at The Sean Hollywood Arts Centre in Newry N.Ireland

January 2007 - Workshop for NYU visiting students on study abroad programme

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