welcome to my website.

I am a theatre maker, trainer and writer with a passing interest in photography! ... living in Ireland and Yorkshire ... Home is Leeds in Yorkshire - the place of my birth - and Dun Laoghaire in Ireland - where I have been lecturing at Trinity College Dublin since 1990 as well as doing creative projects throughout the island as well as in other european countries. YOu can read a more detailed biog on the "About Us " page

I specialise in using theatre as a way for people to engage with each other - sometimes as theatre artist with theatre audience .. but often as participants in non-theatre settings - so international collaborative performances in an old mill in Thessaloniki, a ferry-port in Stamsund - north of the Arctic Circle or an ancient stone washing place in a Basque village -Bera de Bidasoa are in a balance with 'peace and reconciliation' film-making with school pupils from both sides of the border on the island of Ireland, creative communication workshops with fledgling entrepreneurs and mentoring/coaching work with individuals and groups

On this website you will find news of my current projects and trainings, information about past projects plus links to what my associate artists and organisations are doing.

the website is currently being revised and developed so feel free to return and catch up at any time.

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